Professonal Team

Professonal Team

Who We are ?

We have offices that serve the various needs of our clients, primarily in Europe.
These range from management consulting and business succession, asset succession and wills, financial asset management, and more.
NDA Corporation has a japanese team of professionals with many years of experience in the fields of tax accountants, real estate, and PB.

Professional Taem

NDA Corporation is a team of tax attorneys, Private banking, IRS alumni, and other professionals. The legal system in Japan is unique. Our Japan-savvy staff will meet your various needs.

Japanese Total Tax/Private banking service

Japan is one of the highest tax rate countries in the world. The highest income and inheritance tax rates are 55%. Tax compliance" is a typical example of the rapidly growing number of asset consultations. However, tax reforms and ownership patterns vary. Few places can handle corporate tax, income tax, inheritance tax, etc. in total... We will introduce the importance of total optimization from our professional tax accountant lecturers.


As a bridge to Japan, we support various business matching from tax, legal, and structuring aspects.


International networking is now essential for high net worth individuals and business owners.
In our partnerships, you will find overseas real estate, international lawyers, CPA, tax, visa, immigration, international study abroad, and more... We promise to provide you with the best solutions for your rapidly growing global network.
The most frequently requested services are "international diversification of assets," "internationalization of business," and "residency, visas, and nationality," and our consultations tend to become more sophisticated.

Private Banking Service in Japan

In Japan, there are many non-financial consultations.
The most common types of consultations with high net worth individuals based on practical experience are (1) health-related, followed by (2) overseas study for children and grandchildren, and (3) hobbies.
Some of the consultations include: (1) seeking quick and optimal medical care for themselves because they are too busy to educate their children, (2) overseas study is becoming the norm for many of them, and (3) arranging or purchasing private jets or helicopters for transportation or investment.