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We are "comprehensive financial platform.
Our strength is a wide range of skilled lecturers in collaboration with a PB network including Nikkei and foreign-affiliated PBs, centered on tax accountants, and National Tax Service alumni tax accountants. Specifically, we have (1) former foreign-affiliated PBs, (2) lecturers exclusive to the "Association for the Promotion of Sound Management," mainly consisting of national tax alumni, (3) tax accountants specializing in taxation of wealthy individuals, (4) a team of specialists in business succession, and more...
We are already strong in dispatching lecturers for training mainly for small groups, such as "private banker training" and "tax training," as well as "business development for wealthy individuals and business owners" as part of our track record. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or mail.

Supporting Japan's Tax, and Structural Development

The "tax," "legal," and "structuring" aspects of investing in Japan are considered the most complex and difficult in the world. NDA Supporting Japan's Tax, and Structural Development

Japan's peculiarities

Internationalization of business and assets...Many of us already have assets around the world and have a system in place to hold visas and residency.
However, do you know that there are quite a few "trouble cases" and "invisible points" lurking in this system?
In fact, if they are not handled properly, it will greatly affect your future. We recommend you to make a thorough preparation in advance.

Importance of creating a mechanism

It may seem surprising, but many wealthy people actually connect with foreign countries easily, such as "because they were asked to" or "because they heard it was a good idea. The fact that the language is English, Asian currency, etc. is probably one of the obstacles. In other words, "the problems are not properly organized.
Many consultations start with a case study...why don't you start with a conversation?

No expert in overall optimization.

Just as a doctor is very different from an internist or a surgeon or a specialist, the same is true for finance and taxation. Overseas, which is something to aspire to...but there are many problems lurking there. It requires solid "advance preparation" and "countermeasures.
We have many years of experience in this field, and we can make a difference from the very first step of preparation by summarizing the points to keep in mind.

Obtain the right to reside in Japan

Longing to live in Japan! However, there are many problems lurking out there. Some emigrated to Japan without knowing about the frequently changing "visa" and "departure tax," while others were denied "overseas residence" and suddenly changed their status to "domestic residence...
It is very important to prepare well in advance, take measures, and review them from time to time.